An Azorean Adventure: 7 best things to do on Sao Miguel Island

If you haven’t heard of the Azores, join the club! I only found out about this little cluster of 9 colourful islands sitting out in the middle of the Atlantic recently and didn’t waste any time booking my ticket to Ponta Delgada, capital of the biggest island, Sao Miguel. This insanely green, volcanic island was uninhabited when discovered by the Portugese back in the 15th century. The beautifully maintained mosaic pavements and smart, white buildings trimmed with black, basalt rock retain a Portugese influence, whose flavour can be seen and tasted across the archipelago. Hiring a car is one of the best ways to explore the winding, flower-fringed roads, which offer so many stunning viewpoints, it’s hard to get anywhere without wanting to pull over for multiple photo-stops. I visited in May, and practically had the island to myself, but the best weather can be had during the months of June through August. Here are 6 unmissable adventures to guarantee you’ll have a whale of a time on this Green Island:

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