5 Ways to Unwind in Canterbury

My trips in the UK are few and far between, but I’m always pleasantly surprised by how beautifully manicured England can be and Canterbury is no exception. Aside from its grand status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it maintains a pleasant small-town charm, with a youthful energy brought in by a large population of students attending its four universities (which also keeps the price of drinks down!). Canterbury continues to be a popular pilgrimage, to and from Winchester, not only for people of faith, but for people wanting to enjoy the varied landscapes and castles along the ‘Pilgrims Way’ walking route. But I really didn’t have the recommended twelve days to spare, so for once, I chose to do things the easy way and took a train from St. Pancras, which got me there in little over an hour! Canterbury is the perfect place to relax and slow your pace. Here are 5 simple ways to unwind in this famous medieval town:

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Canterbury Cathedral Interior





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